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Privacy and security information for users of the Dentcare Dental Lab (Australia) Pty Ltd (“Dentcare Australia”) website.

Privacy Statement

Dentcare Australia is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Commissioner’s Guidelines for Federal and ACT Government World Wide Websites ( The guidelines set out the requirements for transparent collection, appropriate and ethical use and secure storage of personal information. Our aim is to provide an online environment which will ensure the information you provide to us is handled in a secure, efficient and confidential manner.

Information collection and privacy protection

This statement outlines our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website. Dentcare Australia is subject to the Privacy Act 1988 and these practices have been developed for the purpose of complying with that Act (a copy of the Act is available at COMLAW ( Any information you provide to Dentcare Australia will only be used for the purpose for which you provide it and will not be disclosed to any other party unless your written consent has been obtained.

When the personal information that we collect is no longer required, we destroy or delete it in a secure manner, in accordance with the Administrative Functions Disposal Authority (AFDA).

Your email address

Dentcare Australia will only record your email address if you send us a message by email, or if you register requesting notifications by email. If you do not want your email address to be recorded by Dentcare Australia, you can send a postal mail or facsimile to the address below. Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it, and will not be added to any mailing lists without your prior consent by way of a specific request in writing. We will not use or disclose your email address for any other purpose, without your prior written consent.


Dentcare Australia uses 'cookies' for maintaining contact with a user through a website session. A cookie is a small file supplied by Dentcare Australia, and stored by the web browser software on your computer when you access our site. (An explanation of cookies can be found at the site of the Privacy Commissioner at: Cookies allow us to recognise you as an individual, as you move from one of our web pages to another.

All cookies will be immediately lost when you end your internet session or shut down your computer. Our copy of your information will be automatically deleted twenty minutes after you last used the system. This information is only used to help you use our website systems more efficiently, not to track your movements through the internet, or to record private information about you.

No attempt will be made to identify anonymous users or their browsing activities unless legally compelled to do so, such as in the event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the Internet Service Provider's log files.

Links to other websites

This website contains links to other websites which are external to Dentcare Australia. Dentcare Australia takes reasonable care in selecting linking websites but accepts no responsibility for material contained in a website that is linked to this site. It is the responsibility of the user to make their own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information contained in linked external websites.

Links to external websites are provided for the user’s convenience and do not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation of any third party products or services offered by virtue of any information, material or content linked from or to this site. Users of links provided by this site are responsible for being aware of which organisation is hosting the site they visit.

Views or recommendations provided in linked sites may include the views or recommendations of third parties and do not necessarily reflect those of the Dentcare Australia or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action.

Reciprocal links



Dentcare Australia may use Third-Party Websites for the collection, aggregation and analysis of survey or consultation data. The information collected in these surveys is transmitted and stored securely in the Australia and will be accessed by Dentcare Australia in accordance with this Privacy Statement. You may decline to provide this information by not responding to these surveys.


Dentcare Australia applies a range of security controls to protect its website from unauthorised access. However, users should be aware that the World Wide Web is an insecure public network that gives rise to a potential risk that a user's transactions are being viewed, intercepted or modified by third parties or that files which the user downloads may contain computer viruses, disabling codes, worms or other devices or defects. If you do not wish to email or send an online form to Dentcare Australia, you can send a postal mail to the address below.

Dentcare Australia accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to a user's computer system, software or data occurring in connection with or relating to this web site or its use. Users are encouraged to take appropriate and adequate precautions to ensure that whatever is selected from this site is free of viruses or other contamination that may interfere with or damage the user's computer system, software or data.

Access and correction

If an individual requests access to the personal information we hold about them, or requests that we change that personal information, we will allow access or make the changes unless we consider that there is a sound reason under the Privacy Act, FOI Act or other relevant law to withhold the information, or not make the changes.

If we do not agree to provide access to personal information or to amend or annotate the information we hold about them, the individual may seek a review of our decision or may appeal our decision under the FOI Act.

If we do not agree to make requested changes to personal information the individual may make a statement about the requested changes and we will attach this to the record.

Individuals can obtain further information about how to request access or changes to the information we hold about them by contacting us (see details below).


Under the Privacy Act you can make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) about the handling of your personal information. The OAIC provides guidance about how you lodge a complaint, what you can complain about, who you can complain about, possible outcomes, how much it costs to lodge a complaint and what you should include with your complaint. More information about how to lodge a complaint with the OAIC can be found on the Making a complaint page.

Queries, concerns and further information

If you have any queries, concerns or require further information relating to privacy and Dentcare Australia, please email Dentcare Australia at:

If you have concerns about emailing this site, please use our postal address:

The Director
Dentcare Dental Lab (Australia) Pty Ltd,
2 Bannick Ct, Canning Vale,
WA 6155.



1. These are the terms and conditions of DentCare Dental Lab (Australia) Pty Ltd. (ABN : 28 617 247 453) trading as DentCare, herein after referred to as 'Dentcare', 'Us', ‘Our’, ‘We’ or 'It'.

2. Dentcare reserves the right, at its discretion to change, modify, or add or remove portions of these Terms at any time by posting the amended terms on our website. Please check these terms periodically for changes.


1. Any instructions received by DentCare from the customer for the supply of Dentcare manufactured dental prostheses shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.

2. Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the customer, the terms and conditions are binding and can only be amended with the written consent of DentCare.

Credit Terms

1. DentCare reserves the right not to accept laboratory work services from a customer.

2. DentCare reserves the right to provide credit to customers, and can be withdrawn at any time.

3. DentCare reserves the right to request payment in advance from a customer.

4. Where Dentcare has provided credit to a customer, invoices are due for payment by 30days from the date of the invoice. Dentcare reserves the right to charge administration and interest charges for any outstanding balances over 30 days.

5. It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor the level of credit given to them.

6. Payments can be made by credit card, electronic funds transfer or cheque. Surcharge maybe applicable as per bank norms.

Service and Handling

1. The customer is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of work sent to Dentcare for processing and manufacture. DentCare takes no responsibility for work that are delayed, damaged or lost in transit.

2. DentCare will charge a delivery cost to all cases invoiced. DentCare reserves the right to increase this charge at any time if our costs associated are increased.

3. DentCare normal turnaround times for jobs is approximately 7 to 10 lab-days, this time period will depend on the product prescribed for manufacture, this time is from when we receive the package. This turnaround time guide is conditional (delays as a result of factors beyond our control will not be applicable). Cases which require technical queries from our technical services team specifically relevant to the progression of a case may result in the case taking longer, in such cases, we will always notify you or the practice in advance. Implant cases take longer time to manufacture.

4. All DentCare restorations will be manufactured according to the range selected by a dentist and charged in line with our listed prices. From time to time DentCare will be required to perform part of the manufacturing process by a third party to achieve the highest quality outcome. Some of these parties may be located overseas.

5. If a dentist does not select a range on our order form, It will default to our classic range and charge in line with our listed prices.

6. DentCare is responsible for the delivery of the completed work back to the customer. We use a national network of 3rd party express next-day courier services. Unforeseen delays caused by courier services is beyond our control.

7. DentCare reserves the right to not proceed with cases if one of our trained technicians believes the impression provided from the customer is not of a certain standard. If a new impression is needed DentCare will charge an additional pickup charge. Should the customer prefer to proceed we will pour the model in our laboratory where we will attempt to define the margins and attempt to remove any imperfections (drags) to the best of our ability. This service will incur a $50 surcharge. DentCare then reserves the right to not honour a warranty if the case is insisted to be continued by clinician.

8. Dentists will have to arrange their own implant components on their own expense. If they want to order the same from Dentcare, 20% extra will be chargeable as handling fee.

9. It is the responsibility of the dentist to ensure that the product ordered is suitable for its intended use by you and to the fullest extent permitted by law. DentCare is not liable to you for any product you order which is unsuitable for your intended use. We are not liable for any patient clinical costs involved if a clinician deems a product not suitable for its intended use, this is the sole responsibility of the customer.

10. DentCare will provide goods or services to the customer in accordance to the instructions prescribed on the order form provided by the customer, and may from time to time discuss the case with the customer over phone, via email or in person. The customer acknowledges that these types of discussions, advice or representations from DentCare, should only be used as a guide rather than a definitive recommendation to then lead to a specific action or treatment. At no point do any of these such discussions constitute a doctor-client-patient relationship between the customer and DentCare. It is the sole responsibility of the customer for the diagnosis of a medical or dental condition, and for the prescription of treatment planning or medicines rests solely with the customer.

11. Order once placed cannot be cancelled. However, in case of manufacturing defect (determined on the basis of expert evaluation by the expert team at DentCare), the same will be repaired/repeat work against surrender of old work/old models, original invoice and warranty card/authenticity card within 7 days from the date of the receipt of goods.

12. Dentcare will provide goods or services to the customer based on the order sheet provided by the customer, and may from time to time discuss the case with the customer through email, telephone or in person. The customer acknowledges that such discussions, and any representations by Dentcare,should be used merely as a guide rather than a definitive recommendation to adopt any specific action or treatment. Nothing transmitted in the course of such discussions shall constitute the establishment of a doctor-client-patient relationship between the customer and Dentcare. Responsibility for the diagnosis of a medical condition, and for the prescription of treatment planning or medicines, rests solely with the customer.

Price And Payment

1. The price of DentCare products and services available are described in our price list. Prices are subject to change without notification.

2. DentCare may change any aspect of the price list at any time without prior notice. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the price list before placing an order with us.

3. DentCare is responsible for the delivery of completed work back to the customer.

4. GST and other taxes will be added to the price of relevant products and services in accordance with legislation and taxation guidelines.

5. DentCare prices will increase in line with CPI on an annual basis. These price changes will take effect on the 1st of July each year.

6. Any dispute or discrepancy noticed with regard to the cost or quantity of items specified in the invoice has to be communicated within 7 days from receipt.


These Terms are governed by the laws of Western Australia. No action or proceeding may be commenced or maintained in relation to the site, the Services or these Terms except in a court of appropriate jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Australia.

Privacy Notice

DentCare Dental Lab (Australia) Pty Ltd. trading as DentCare collects personal information about you and your patients to provide you and your patients with products and services. If your personal information is not collected, we may not be able to provide the products or services requested. DentCare may disclose personal information about you to our manufacturing partners and other third party service providers. Some of these parties may be located overseas. If you provide us with information about another person, you must provide them a copy of this privacy notice.