<h1>DENTCARE CLEAR ALIGNER <span>(CAD/CAM)</span></h1>


Dental braces are now entering a brave new world of comfort and ease with DentCare Clear Aligners - a series of transparent aligners to realign the teeth. Each DentCare Clear Aligner is unique as it is customized for the patient's teeth. They can be easily changed every two weeks, sparing users the tedious task of heavy maintenance.

There is absolutely no need to spend long hours at the clinic negotiating conventional brackets and wire adjustments. Patients and dental clinicians stand to gain numerous valuable hours. Consequently, the dental clinician also gets to spend quality, value-added time with each patient.

With DentCare Clear Aligners, the final outcome of the treatment may be visualized with the aid of a 3D virtual simulation and a treatment plan can be formulated accordingly. The treatment consists of a revolutionary system which integrates the latest software and 3D CAD / CAM technology.

To proceed with the CAD / CAM procedure for processing an order of a custom-made DentCare Clear Aligner, both upper and lower models of the patient’s dental arches along with bite registration are required.

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